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Out of Site English proofreaders and editors have experience in writing for science, IT, advertising, human resources, retail, tourism, education government, and health, as well as businesses ranging from the micro to the multinational.

We can assist you with articles, advertising copy, technical and scientific papers, theses, business proposals, novels, correspondence and anything else you can send to challenge us. At Out of Site English you receive the attention of a well-educated team of editors who can cover a broad range of writing styles and specialities.

We have academic specialists who have written and edited papers for science journals (biology, medicine, mathematics) and expert editors of fiction, textbooks and lifestyle publishing.  We also have writers who have worked in IT, advertising, real estate, human resources, retail, tourism, government, and health. In addition, our links with Out of Site Services give us access to a network of professionals with experience in writing for a broad range of small businesses to large enterprises.

So you can be confident that someone in our team will have the knowledge to solve any challenge in written communication that you might send us.

Work appearing in

Journal of Epidemiology
Journal of the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland
Journal of Lipid Research
BMC Health Services Research
International Journal of Urology

quotesSince I am not an English native speaker, before sending my papers to the scientific journals I just needed someone to revise the edition of the manuscripts. A colleague from mine told me about the Out Of Site English and following his advice I have submitted one paper for manuscript proofreading. Since I did not have any problem with the edition of such paper I decided to send the following papers to Out Of Site English. Furthermore I have recommended this service to other researchers with successful results.quotes

Iker Aranjuelo (PhD), Spain