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Laurence Cantrill
Laurence CantrillA published scientist with a PhD from the University of Sydney, Laurence has worked in academia for 17 years as research specialist, student supervisor, and tutor/lecturer in plant biology. Recently he added to his already weighty resume by accepting a post as microscopist to the respected research facilities at The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Sydney.

Laurence brings to Out of Site his exceptional logic which, combined with a flair for written English, he uses to assist our clients with the development of technical documents of all kinds: reports, submissions, media releases, correspondence, grant and funding applications, student theses, business proposals and web content.


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quotesSince I am not an English native speaker, before sending my papers to the scientific journals I just needed someone to revise the edition of the manuscripts. A colleague from mine told me about the Out Of Site English and following his advice I have submitted one paper for manuscript proofreading. Since I did not have any problem with the edition of such paper I decided to send the following papers to Out Of Site English. Furthermore I have recommended this service to other researchers with successful results.quotes

Iker Aranjuelo (PhD), Spain