Proofreading and Editing

For clients within Australia, we charge a flat rate of $38.50 per hour (inc. GST). Clients outside Australia are charged $35.00 per hour (as GST is not applicable).

All services are billed in 15 minute increments.

How we quote:

Send us your document in Word format and we will select a full page of text to edit, noting the time that it takes to complete.  We will then add up the number of full pages to arrive at an estimated time and cost for the job to be finished.  Please be aware that the number of corrections and thus the editing time can vary from page to page, so your final invoice may vary from the original quote.

To commence the work, we just require a deposit for half the full fee.  

On completion you will be provided with a final invoice and on full payment we will return your document with all corrections marked up electronically.

For more information

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quotesSince I am not an English native speaker, before sending my papers to the scientific journals I just needed someone to revise the edition of the manuscripts. A colleague from mine told me about the Out Of Site English and following his advice I have submitted one paper for manuscript proofreading. Since I did not have any problem with the edition of such paper I decided to send the following papers to Out Of Site English. Furthermore I have recommended this service to other researchers with successful results.quotes

Iker Aranjuelo (PhD), Spain