Out of Site English offers different levels of creative assistance. Send us your document or tell us what you would like done, and we will provide an estimate of the time and the level of service that your writing needs so that it can shine. 



Your document might only need a quick scan, picking up missed commas, repeated words or the occasional misspelling. This service would generally take 5 to 10 minutes per full A4 page.


Your document is organised, but some sentences do not flow easily.  You are explaining complex concepts and the multiple clause sentences have tied you in a knot. Maybe English is not your native language and you have done your best to convey a phrase that you know well, but the accepted English idiom eludes you. This service would take 10 to 30 minutes per full A4 page.


You have a whole series of ideas that you have assembled together, you know that it doesn’t make a polished piece of work, but you are not clear how to best rearrange it. Maybe you have been working on it for a long time and have run out of patience and inspiration but that deadline keeps getting closer. This service would take several runs through the text to ensure coherence, and would include close consultation with you, the author, to guarantee that it matches your original vision.


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quotesSince I am not an English native speaker, before sending my papers to the scientific journals I just needed someone to revise the edition of the manuscripts. A colleague from mine told me about the Out Of Site English and following his advice I have submitted one paper for manuscript proofreading. Since I did not have any problem with the edition of such paper I decided to send the following papers to Out Of Site English. Furthermore I have recommended this service to other researchers with successful results.quotes

Iker Aranjuelo (PhD), Spain